Butter, Fly and Butterfly


Breathing inflatable installation, 2018, 40’ x 15’ x 10’


Inside of the air conditioner, there is a lonely apple tree called Malevich. One day, the apple fell and turned into a sheep who does not have a name.

 As he feels hungry, the grass just come out of the ground to feed him, as he feels too full, she poops flowers with five pedals.

The flower said she is able to grow into another apple tree to be friend with Malevich but for that purpose, she had to release Freon.

 Freon, cool, I will have a friend, the sheep thought.

 ‘Yeah, sure, go ahead.’

After a while, an ozone hole occurred.

Through the hole, they found out there is an another space only with 11 dimension. A creature named themselves human live there.

‘Did you hear that?’ The sheep talks to Malevich,’ They thought they live in a real world.’

‘Funny, how foolish they are’.

inside of belly.jpg